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Open Society Internship for Rights and Governance

The Open Society Internship for Rights and Governance is a project of the Open Society Foundations that launched in the summer of 2013 in partnership with the School of Public Policy at Central European University. It is designed to inspire a new cohort of practitioners committed to working both in the public interest and at the forefront of global policy.

The highly competitive program allows a limited number of students from top public policy schools to immerse themselves in the ideas and practice of open society through a 10-day clinical seminar in Budapest at the School of Public Policy of the Central European University, followed by a six- to eight-week intensive internship at a policy- and rights-oriented nongovernmental organization selected for its outstanding work.

Download a complete list of host institutions to the left. As we confirm additional partnerships, we will continually update this list.

Eligibility Criteria

Applications will only be accepted from the following universities:

  1. Harvard Kennedy School of Government
  2. Jindal School of Government and Public Policy
  3. Tsinghua School of Public Policy and Management
  4. Oxford Blavatnik School of Government
  5. University of Pretoria Centre for Human Rights
  6. Los Andes Alberto Lleras Camargo School of Government
  7. Boğaziçi University Department of Political Science and International Relations
  8. Sciences Po Paris School of International Affairs
  9. School of Public Policy at Central European University

If you are a candidate for a master’s degree at one of these eight universities and you would like to apply to the Open Society Internship for Rights and Governance, please contact your university directly for the 2014 application guidelines and form.

Ineligibility Criteria

If you are not a master’s candidate for one of the programs listed above, we cannot accept your application at this time.

Purpose and Priorities

Individuals committed to advancing local and global forms of human rights and justice are constantly confronting new and unforeseen challenges. This changing landscape coupled with the dynamic role of civil society actors complicates our understanding of human rights promotion. Simultaneously, information and communication technologies, freedom of movement, and democratic accountability afford policy practitioners new channels through which they can increase human welfare and dignity. These conditions require innovative policy ideas that effectively integrate theory and practice to foster and sustain open societies.

The Open Society Internship for Rights and Governance is specifically tailored to invest in the next generation of leaders poised to pursue these ideas. The program takes a broad definition of human rights and governance that is inclusive of promoting fundamental freedoms, expanding public access to information, challenging inequalities through development and rights, and advancing approaches to ensuring transparency and accountability in a global context.


Grant applications are accepted on an ongoing basis.

Source: Open Society Foundations

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