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Where following the law is radical

A new website,, built by Uzbek lawyers, attempts to educate citizens on their legal rights.

In 2010, a group of Uzbek lawyers created a website attempting to do just that. Adolat (“Justice” in Uzbek) was established with the goal of raising legal literacy among Uzbek citizens and, in doing so, improving the rule of law in Uzbekistan. Adolat is not asking that laws be changed, only that they be followed by state officials as well as citizens.

‘Ўзбекистонда ўз ҳуқуқингни билиш давлатга қарши амал’..ми? лойиҳаси 2010 йилда бир гуруҳ малакали юристлар томонидан Ўзбекистон фуқароларининг кучли ҳуқуқий демократик давлат қуриш жараёнидаги иштирогини қўллаб-қуватлаш мақсадини кўзлаб ташкил этилган.